Mels: Silly Science

Adorable disasters you build from blocks, bring to life, and play with in physical sandbox games.

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Neo Fairies: Done Hiding

A fantasy-punk open world where you create the heroes, shape their stories, and own the world.

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Wonder Creator Stack

A deeptech UGC stack for IP creators to give their communities creative superpowers with machine learning and ownership with digital assets.

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We are optimistic misfits from deep technology and interactive entertainment

Our collective experience spans science to art, Silicon Valley to Hollywood, R&D to production, and platforms to products to pixels.

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Wright Bagwell

Game Design
EA, Zynga, Valve, Google

Alli Beal

StyleSaint, Foray Collective

Cameron Feather

3D Engineering
Point Card, California Institute of the Arts

Dei Gaztelumendi

Art & Story
Google Research, Anki, Paramount

Natalie Han‑Grassman

Front-End Engineering
Houzz, University of Cambridge MPhil

Jennifer McCormick

User Experience
Disney+, Meta, Lab126, Xbox

John Mitchell

Systems Engineering
SAP, Found Software, Geoworks

Amanda Remillard

Johnson & Johnson R&D, Stanford Medicine

Shannon Studstill

PlayStation (God of War), Google, EA

Vijay Sundaram

ML Engineering
Google Research, Found Software